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Thursday, March 11, 2004

utopia by douglas preston

nifty thriller, not a utopian/dystopian novel. somewhat predictable, in that the good guys win (duh, it's a thriller) but has some very very good twists along the way (again, duh, it's a thriller). not as smart as the stuff he writes with lincoln child, just as child's stand alone stuff isn't, but still a good book.

worthing saga by orson scott card

this is some heady stuff about human nature, joy, pain, religion, and the meaning of life. like most of his stuff. but unlike most of his stuff in that the people involved are much more complex, the supernatural elements are much closer to home, and it has a huge sence of history. it rocks. this is one i'm definately going to reread, so check it out.

scarecrow by matt reiley

a quicker paced and less predictable than average thriller with a millitary bent. a worldwide bounty hunt with nearly 20 mil on each head. a brillient marine corporal and his "evil twin" of a gaurdian angel. a fieldday of fun for your average conspiracy nut. and an author willing to kill off main charactors. way cool. for once, no one is safe....which makes the read much more intersting. i never skip ahead to the end of thrillers and read the last few pages like i do in some other books......mostly b/c i know how it's going to turn out anyway. this time i was definatly tempted. read it, but maybe wait for paperback. it's too quick a read to be worth full price.

and i'm not reviewing davinci code b/c everyone and their mother's uncle has already, but it does rock, and is worth reading, as is angels and demons, it's prequil. his other book, digital fortress, is also a good solit thriller but lacks the religious undertones and is therefore a fun ride but much less meaty. davinci and angles both really make you think, tho. check them out.
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