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Saturday, January 24, 2004

the wood wife

so i picked this up because charles de lint had a blurb on the cover and he's one of my favorite authors. sometimes this habit backfires, b/c people like stephen king blurb everything. but since mr de lint rarely blurbs things this seemed like a safe bet. and it was more than safe. it was a compelling modern fairy tale, not only a good magical story, but compelling in a heres some cool things to ponder way as well as a heres a new possibility for looking at the world around you way. about how sometimes although change is what scares us most it really is what we need but also about the idea of universal unchanging truths that just look different from time to time. it gets a little odd about american indian spiritual stuff, teh spirial path bit is oversimplified, but what modern fantacy doesn't? it's a neat book, and the obligatory romance isn't too over played or overdescribed. check it out.
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Friday, January 23, 2004

beyond heaven's river by greg bear

about a man misplaced in space and time, picked up by a race so far beyond us as to use us as playthings from wwII japan. placed in a bubble on their world galaxys away and allowed to relive much of japan's history, while his life is extended by centuries and he is also "let to read" about the current state of things in his native land. eventually they abandon him, seemingly without reason or trace. fought over by rival factions vieing for "his" planet's supposed wealth and eventually won by the woman he in turn wins....it's about him and his search for answers, for some meaning in it all, for the kami who chose to do this to him. interesting psychodrama set umong spaceships and fantastic technology, with (of course) greg bear's favorite sub drama of humanitys' tendency to attempt self destruction woven in. a very good, very worthwhile read.

simulcrum by phillip k dick

picture this - the us government has been taken over. running it is the perpetual first lady, nicole, and her husband. but nicole died years ago and has been replaced, twice now, by an actress. and her husband, a new one elected every so often by the people, is and android. the government has really been taken over by a shadowy counsil of 6 that even "nicole" hasn't met. one with access to time travel. one that brings a prominent member of the third rich to visit so that they can offer him a deal.....almost enough to make you want to run to the nearest looney luke jalopie jungle and escape (emigrate) to mars. especially if you're a psychic pianist who has a neanderthal for a son and is convinced that your body oder could kill people if they get within 10 feet of you. or a salesperson for a small android factory who has recently taken up with your little brother's ex wife of one day and doesn't know yet that your firm was just hired to make the next president. twisted, and paranoid, as ever phillip k dick gives us yet another nightmare glance into the possible future.
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Sunday, January 11, 2004

lord of the rings

just re-read the trilogy, and i have to say, it gets better with re-reading. and it rocked in the first place, so that's saying a lot. if you've never read them, please don't let the page count discourage you. and if you have, pick them up again sometime. this is the grandfather of all epic fantacy series, literally, and if you think seeing the movie was enough you're wrong. read these books.

wolves of calla, dark tower 5

the fifth book in stephen king's central series. it took way too long comming, but is definately worth the wait. there's some real character development here for everyone, not just roland for once, as well as some actual movement forward towards the dark tower. there are a few cliche moments, but they gloss over nicely, and overall it's got mroe than enough surprises. as ever this series is a neat cross over between fantacy and horror. good stuff.

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