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Thursday, April 18, 2002

bad men do what good men dream

i've found a new favorite criminalitics author. sorry mr douglas you have been replaces. this forensic psychologist looks into when and how the line between fantacy and reality gets blurred to the point where people do terrible things. everything from date rape, to necrophilia, to serial sexual murder is included in his scathing trip into the human psyche. he's an acedemic writer, very dense stuff, but still readable. and he has ironically "silly" subtitles ie the one for the serial killers chapter is "your life for their orgasm" creepy. gets under your skin a bit more that way i think. he also spend his final, and perhaps most chilling chapter, looking at it inside out, at why good men (and women) don't commit the evil acts they dream. it's definately a thought provoking book.
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killing monsters

about why videogame, tv, and comic book violence is anything but harmful to children. ditto roughousing and toy guns. about how depriving children of rageful fantacies, making their fantacys into something real enough to be feared, is dangerous. how children act out such fantacys to see what power feels like, not to see what killing feels like. read the book, he says it better than i do, but the man has a point.....
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Wednesday, April 10, 2002

the dark tower series stephen king

so the whole series isn't written yet...but the first 4 books are. i just spent the week reareading them and it was a very enjoyable week. it's hard to review this b/c i don't want to give anything away or just string together a bunch of differnt words for great - which they are by the way. epicly great. they are central to all of his work, and if you are going to read much of him you should include these. wondering where randal flag was before he hit our where/when? or what the kid at the end of insomnia is drawing a tower for? or what exactly could make a building take on malignant life? or why roses always have a strange weight when king writes of the? or what a gunslinger is? then read these. the fifth is comming out this year (and it looks to be a 900 page doorstopper of a book) so you should have just enough time to finish these first. it's fantacy and horror all at once and it's scope is giagantic. it encompases all of his other work as well as several other universes (even our much beloved oz......) and i promice you'll never look at charlie the choo- choo the same way again. a must read, seriously.
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