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Saturday, March 30, 2002

amazonia james rollins

this is his fourth book, following subteranian, excavation, and deep fathom. it may be his best - we'll see how the next one stacks up. he writes real charactors - three dimentional people with depth and spark - in completely unrealistic situations. his pace, once it gets started, is mile a minute. thank-god-the-100-foot-long-mutated-caimen-only-ate-half-our-party-oh-shit-where-did-all-those-huge-blad-jaguares-come-from-what-the-fuck-who's-shooting-at-us. and he's not afraid to kill his charactors, even the almost main ones, so there's less dias ex machina than in most books of this type. this one is particularly good because the idea behind it all is an interesting one. the whole lost tribe of the amazon thing, and before you remind me that it's been done before i'll let you know it's never been done quite this way. it's a fiction book, so the science involved isn't as tight as it would be comming from a scifi author, but the holes in it aren't large ones. if you're in the mood for an adventure book this one is definately one to read.
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Friday, March 29, 2002

everything's eventual stephen king

so i'm on a stephen king kick. this is a great collection, a mix of real screamers and literay horror, with some other neat stuff in between. and rolland of gilliad has returned for those of you following the tower. he meets the little sisters of eluria.....and wolves of calla, all 900 pages of it, should be out soon. i can't wait. well i can becaue i have to, but i am so reading it the moment it hits my store, damn the street date. if it doesn't read teh back room it doesn't matter if i open the box, so there. anyway.......like i was saying, there weren't any bad stories in this collection, which is an oddity for any short story collection i must say. there are a few not quite scary ones, but no bombs. and if you imagine the first story as a screen play through the eyes of the corpse i promice you will not be disapointed. it's an expensive book tho, you may want to buy it while it's still a best seller, you so don't want to wait a year for the paperback.
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Monday, March 25, 2002

diary of ellen rimbauer by dr joyce reardon

before mr. king took public credit for this one the staff at my bookstore had this shelved under new age with the ghost stories and under biography just in case it was true. it's horror of this haunting of hill house varity (the first one silly, not the scholck that they redid it into). it pulls you in with it's first person perspective and then pushes you away a bit with the intrusions of the "editer" of the diary. it's a twisted tale that leaves you wondering exactly who is the bad guy here right up to the end. worth reading, although i might not buy the hardcover.
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double posted the psyclone review, yes it's that good.
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psyclone greg bear

and it's not the same story again. well it is, kind of, but not quite. as always mr. bear is apocolyptic, but this is a wholy differnt kind of apoclypse here. it reads more like a horror story than sci-fi, which is an interesting twist i must say. but it leaves you with something to think about other than what that thing under the bed might be, which is more than i can say for your average horror story. sci-fi, for me, means a book should leave me an idea to play with when i'm done reading. horror, for me, means a book keeps me up all night after i'm done reading it. this was one of those rare books that kept me up all night and gave me ideas to ponder the next day, not bad for an out of print paperback.
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Tuesday, March 12, 2002

waiting the true confessions of a waitress

very funny book. she's been a waitress for almost longer than i've been alive. she tells the story of her years as a waitress which just happens to be the story of her life in very tightly written prose. you'll never look at your waitress the same way again, i promice.
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bone walker gear et al

jumped the shark. that cool but not too distracting tension between the dusty and maureen...consmated. and not even a sex scene to read either. catskin and browser, no reason for tension to be there anymore either, if you get my drift. one of the reasons i loved the first two books so much is that the almost but not quite aspect to these two relationships gave some nice tension to it all without being too distracting from the meat and bones (pun intended) of the stories. but in this one, arguably with the most stuff going on story wise, the authors have decided to make the romance bit a main player. i'm sorry but i though serial murder was a little more intersting. oh well, the first two almost make up for this, and you probably won't mind as much as i did when the tension breaks.
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Saturday, March 09, 2002

stick figure lori gottileb

lori had an eating disorder when she as 11 years old. she also kept a diary. when she was in her early 30's she found her diary, and read it to remind herself about what kind og girl she'd been, and how she got through her struggle with her body. then she published it to show those of us lucky enough to be "normal" in this respect exactly what kind of hell it is to be afraid to eat. to be afraid of your skin. not an amusing read, but and enlightening one. shows the razor thin line between what's considered normal dieting behavior for a woman and what's considered a psychiatric disorder...how a normal in our culture obsession with one's thinness added to a strained family environment, perfectionism and a small amout of ocd tendencies can equal a potentially fatal disorder. when fourth grade girls are dieting it's a slipery slope, as illustraited here. as i said, not a fun read. but a good read none the less. if you don't like to think than skip this one, otherwise it absolutely rocks.
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the nanny diaries two chicks who used to be nannies

made me laugh at nanny drew's plight. made me mad as hell at the employers in the book. made me cry for the child involved. definately an interesting look at the situation without being preachy about it. you feel for nanny drew and grayer, her charge, and are ready to slap mr and mrs x, the offending couple. it's kind of twisted in that it lets you laugh at a situation that shouldn't be funny...i mean seriously.....people who use their children as accessories scare the shit out of me. people who let others raise their children, have no idea what their kids actually like to eat or wear or whom they like to play with, and who make 4 year olds go to violin classes and never take naps, are nuts. but they exist, and however much they abuse their children their money will keep them safe from family services. *sigh* it is a good book though, and definately worth the indignation at society that will resualt from reading it.
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Saturday, March 02, 2002

mount dragon preston and child

these guys are starting to remind me of greg bear, which isn't a bad thing by any means. especially since they're more optimistic about things. they have clearer heros and tider endings so you aren't left hiding in your house disinfecting your hands over and over and over again until your skin falls off. a good brisk thriller, about a 3 day read, with some interesting bits of human nature tossed in. they do a better job with female charactors than most men do, which is refreshing to say the least. junk food for the brain yes, but not completely empty calories.
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