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Monday, February 25, 2002

vitals greg bear

have you read blood music? slant? if so you probably know that greg bear seems scared of the little bits and peices that make us up. in blood music a forcibly mutated form of blood cell takes over the world and ends the human race as we know it, bringing about a brave new world. slant weaves a tangled web of nanotecho misused. in vitals, it's all about the little mothers. bacteria in our guts and in our brains and aging us, controling us, possibly being used to tag us and turn us into pupets for misplaces soviet secret services run amuck. maybe greg bear is actually scared of what happens when we mess with ourselves. either way, but the end of his books he always has me scared too. the science at the center of his works is real, which makes it even more chilling. read him, you'll know what i mean.
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Thursday, February 21, 2002

redshift various authors

remember all those science fiction/fantacy collections you bought because you saw your favorite author's name on the back, only to get them home and find out you've read three quarters of the book? then buy this one. all of the work in it is origional and written expressly for this collection. you have not seen this anywhere before. especially cool is ursula k. leguin's offering, i get goose bumps just thinking about it, and niven's is good stuff to - he's really back to his strong points. most of the stuff here is fantacy or soft sci-fi, so if you're a hard sci-fi purist you may not be as happy with it as i am...but...words cannot express how happy i was to get a sci-fi collection home and not have it be full of stuff i'd already read. check it out.
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reliquary douglas preston and lee child

normaly i don't like books that you have to read in order. i liked this one, the sequal to relic (yes the one they made that bad movie from shame on them wrecking a good book) though. probably because i read the first one first, but i liked it. it twisted in some completely unexpected ways (which i'm not going to tell you so there). also - you know that bumbling asshole cop who you want to see killed or fired or someting that never gets his due?....if you hate those charactors as much as i do you'll really love this one. and damnit i wanna be margo. she's a heroic chick without being a barbie/tombraider/bimbo; yea margo! read it, but read relic first, yes theyr'e brain candy but hey, it's cheaper than renting the movie and it's a better version too.
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Monday, February 18, 2002

duh! the stupid history of the human race bob fenster

if you like laughing at stupid things people do but feel overly morbid while laughing at the darwin awards, check this out. from strange pattents to stupid polticians to blunders in warfare, it's all here in concice little bullet points. and at the end of the book there's q and a including the difference between a moron and and idiot. fun stuff, pure brain candy but definatly worth the cavaties.
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mad in america forgot the author will post it soon

is enough to make almost everyone angry. even when you consider the slant, which is pretty steep, there is a lot here to get angry about. this book is the history of the treatment of mentaly ill people, specifically schitzophrenics (?sp), in america. starting with wet packs and the quaker's community hospitals, through electroschock and labotomys, to throzine and beyond. an interesting look at how the idea that the mad are second class citizens, if people at all, has permeated our tretment methods. i have to go read some more history of this sort now to see how badly this guy was biased, but he does present all his sources so you can check up on him if you're as much of a geek as i am. for non fiction this is a very fast read. overall an interesting and provocative book.
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Wednesday, February 13, 2002

the beach alex garland

better than the movie, but that goes without saying. these don't feel like people you'd meet walking down the street but they walk off the page at you none the less. they feel real. you can climb inside their heads and look out through their eyes at the fucked up world they inhabit. you can share their delusions, even. it's a addictively quick read, one chapter is never enough. but it ends well, without just tying things up for neatness sake. i would have been happier with a few less drug references, but then again it is a gen-x novel.
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Tuesday, February 12, 2002

goblin reservation clifford d. simak

clifford d. simak once suggested that coathangers are alian larvae...think about it - you never buy them, sometimes there's a dozen in your closet and sometimes there's just one too few, and don't even get me started on their propensity for tangling themselves up. this book isn't about that though. it's about something slightly more profound. races far older than mankind are playing out some kind of twisted revenge fantacies on each other using earth sometime in the 3000's as a stage. a dying banshee - maybe fading is a better word - uses his last moment here to tell maxwell just how throughly he's screwed over the human race; a biomech sabertooth cat comes face to face with a caveman; maxwell has a planet full of knowledge to sell but he doesn't know the price to quote or who to sell it to; and will shakespere meets his ghost. simak is a classic in the vein of douglas addams (hitchhikers guide), this book rocks.
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rest area clay mcleod chapman

darkly charming. mysterious and deadly. i feel like i'm describing a person, but since this book is written in monolog form i guess that makes sence. very twisted stuff, but good. i enjoyed it thoroughly and wished it was a little longer - true it's 20 stories long, but under 200 pages. maybe i wouldn't buy the hardcover....but then again maybe i would. this is this actor's first book - he's written plays before - but it's better than most first offerings. there's some excellent imagry here, just dont' read it after dark. (this book will be available in late february or early march of 2002, isbn 0-7868-6737-X...it's not available for sale just yet)
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Saturday, February 09, 2002

temple matthew reilly

this man also writes screen plays, and you can tell. this is pure brain candy, an action movie in a books, nothing groundbreaking to think about when you're done reading, and has a charactor say "what am i going to do? i'm going to save the world." without being self consious about it. that said, i enjoyed it. a lot. chewed through it in a day and a half. it's not high litereature, not art, but it's fun pointless action that has you cheering for the good guy and wondering just how many bad guys he'll have to face. very indiana jones, complete with 2 ton crocadilians and mythical giant panthers. a guilty pleasure but a pleasure none the less.
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Thursday, February 07, 2002

death burial and afterlife in the bibilical world rachel hallote

centers on the cult of the dead, the authors name for a burial tradition that existed pre-biblical times and was not quite wiped out. according to the author echos of this appear in current jewish funeral traditions, and she makes an interesting case for it. interesting non-fiction, if a little dense at times.
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the visitant gear et al

archaeological thriller without being at all indiana jones-ish. not that i mind indiana jones-ish stuff, but this is a breath of fresh air. the main thriller portion of the action takes place in the past, the action that takes place in the present involves finding the bones. it plays with some neat ideas, and the authors did their homework which i like. they have an interesting theory on what happened to the pueblo people of the american south west - holy war - and it says something relavant about the state of the world toady. there's also one of those almost but not quite a romance subplots going in the present, which is a nice distraction from all the blood. the sequal, the summoning god, is just as good maybe better. i'm not sure about the third book - bone walker - but i'll let you know when i've read it.
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